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Agitators & Stirrers -Case Study 2

Distillation of 70% MeOH + 30% Water solution of 1500 liter s is to be carried out at temperature of 25 oC. Product is dissolved in MeOH and the quantity of dry product is less than 50 kgs. Bulk density of product is 0.3 gm/cc.


MeOH & water solution is to be completely distilled out & degas the product for removal of traces of moisture.


The peculiar problem with application being that the final mass of the product is very less in comparison to the total capacity of the reactor (1500 liters). So when the distillation is in last stage, it is very difficult to remove the MeOH & water from wet solids, since agitator (Anchor was being used) is unable to move the material.


Sometimes the impeller (Anchor) could move the material but over the period of time all solid material took the shape of a round ball & this round shaped material, would move in the reactor without removal of moisture.


The corrective action suggested by us included replacing bottom dish with a cone. Twin stage Counter current impeller along with Cone shaped impeller with almost zero bottom clearance was used. The minimum steerable volume in the updated agitator is 4 liters.

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