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Agitators & Stirrers -Case Study 1
The process consists of 30 to 35% solids, non-Newtonian fluid, which has got a very inconsistence behavior pattern. In the process at certain temperature in reflux condition, once water is removed material bulk density goes down and volume of slurry increases by 25%.
Originally Anchor with PBT was used but lump / hard cake formation occurred on the surface due to which material stuck to the internal surfaces of reactor shell & bottom dish. So for every batch material was removed by poking / scrapping. Also extra solvent was also used to free the material from the surface wall; process drying time was more than double due to heavy water retention in the batch.
The HELI-ANCHOR which was suggested by us is a hybrid between Anchor & Helical Ribbon impellers. It combines the simple construction of the Anchor with process engineering advantages of the Helical Ribbon. Blades are manufactured from flat plates, but are set at a certain gradient. Helix induces an axial mixing action while Anchor gives a tangential action.
HELI-ANCHOR can be operated to displace product upward or downward depending upon the application. If the displacement is downward near the wall, it changes its direction on reaching the bottom of the vessel and flows upward to the surface near the shaft. It then moves outwards from the middle of the liquid surface to the edge and is again drawn downward by the agitator blades. This ensures than all locations in the vessel are thoroughly mixed and no dead zones are left.
This impeller can be used for Blending, Improved Heat transfer, Paste like media, Suspension, Drawing in added solids etc.
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